Healthy Holiday Tips

Healthy Holiday Tips:
With Holiday Parties, traveling and work stress it’s hard to stick to your workout routine. Here are 10 ways to help you get in workouts everyday:

1. Write down what you want to accomplish in the next 2 weeks then put it on your fridge so you have to look at it every time you open the door.
2. Recruit a work-out buddy. You’re a lot more likely to go if you have someone waiting for you.
3. Sleep in your work-out clothes (preferably clean ones). That way you are already dressed and ready to go in the morning — no excuses of not having a clean sports bra — guys you know what I’m talking about.
4. If possible, work-out first thing in the morning before your day gets away from you.
5. Set an alarm on your phone to go off during the day to remind you that it’s time to get up from your desk and go for a walk.
6. Set out everything you need for your work-out the night before including your before and after work-out snacks.
7. Sign up and pay for a class (hey — we’ve got one starting on Jan 5 — handy!). ¬†You’re a lot more likely to go if you’ve already shelled out the dough.
8. Make your health a priority and let your friends and family know why you are doing it. (so that you can be alive longer to spend more time with them) Communication can go a long way!
8. Plan in small bouts of exercise on your busy days. Even a little walk is exercise. This counts! You shouldn’t be doing crazy high intensity work-outs every day — It’s not good for your body. So don’t write off the day just because you don’t have time for 100 burpees.
9. Tell yourself to just get out there for 5 minutes — chances are once you’re there you’ll end up doing more than 5 minutes.
10. Set reasonable and attainable goals. You know yourself. You know how you are. Don’t set goals that you know you just can’t get to — this will depress you. Set goals that are tough, but reachable. You’ll be a lot more likely to reach them.

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